MTA says they'll make changes after bathroom complaints


The Metro Transit Authority is apologizing and promising quick action after customer complaints about restrooms at the Music City Central Terminal.

The men’s restroom doesn’t have stalls so users have no privacy or handrails for handicapped users.

MTA says the restrooms have been vandalized and the stalls will be replaced and eventually include concrete and stainless steel.

A group called, Music City Riders United says it didn’t get action until they started circulating a photograph comparing the MTA men’s room to restroom at a state prison embarrassing the city into taking action.

Bus Riders claim the stalls were removed months ago and the restrooms are not being kept clean.

MTA says anyone with knowledge regarding the vandalism should contact the Customer Care staff at (615) 862-5950 or email customer.comments so the information can be shared with security and law enforcement.

Music City Riders United is asking concerned citizens to monitor the “bathroom crisis” through their Facebook page or by phone at (615)669-5351.

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