Credit expert creates site to turn robocalls into cash


    More than 175 million robocalls were made every single day last month.

    And every time we tried to stop them, they just kept coming.

    But what if there's a way to turn those calls into cash for you?

    Consumer credit expert Doc Compton runs the site

    The site includes some easy ways turn the tables on telemarketers, who use illegal auto dialers and pre-recorded messages.

    The "Telephone Consumer Protection Act" is designed to protect you from auto dialers and robocallers. It also allows consumers to collect cash from callers who break the law.

    "The calls can be worth $500 to $1,500 apiece," Compton said. “I was getting literally 15 to calls a day."

    There are some exceptions.

    Political messages and charities are both exempt.

    But, anyone else who calls, texts, or even faxes you with an automated message is breaking the law -- and that could be worth money.

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