Couple claims property manager won't do anything about mice, cockroach-infested apartment

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    A Nashville couple says its apartment has been infested with mice and cockroaches for months, but the property manager refuses to do anything about it.

    The two have a newborn baby, and now they're concerned about his well-being.

    Tyra and Tracy Bentley moved to Castlewood a couple of years ago, and, about nine weeks ago, had baby Tyrion.

    “I'm scared for the baby,” said Tyra.

    “Yeah, he ain't even able to crawl around,” Tracy said.

    They say the place has always had cockroaches but used to have an exterminator.

    “We ain't seen the exterminator, and [the property manager] said, ‘oh, we discontinued that.’ And then everything got worse,” they said.

    That was about six months ago, which is when the mice showed up.

    “Every night, you might come down, come in the kitchen, and there's mice running across the top counter,” Tracy said.

    They've caught about a dozen just in the kitchen traps, and they're afraid to look at the traps under the couch.

    “A neighbor came and knocked on our door and said she'd catch like four a week,” Tracy said.

    Last year, they also had a leak in their upstairs bathroom.

    “There was green water dripping down from the toilet to the ceiling and it was hitting directly underneath the entertainment system," Tracy explained.

    They said the Barrett Realty Company fixed the leak, but would not replace the carpet.

    They've been trying to move out for months, but their credit score has been one of their big obstacles.

    They both have full time jobs and have some money saved up, but say trying to pay off student loans has taken a toll on their credit scores.

    Plus, the expensive application fees are a big obstacle as well.

    They're willing to move out right away, but are struggling to find something they can afford.

    Still, they know they can't keep going on like this.

    “I stay up late at night, I stay up all night, not because he's keeping me up, but because I’m afraid something is going to crawl on him,” Tyra Bentley said.

    FOX 17 spoke with the property manager. He said he did not want to do an interview and did not have a comment.

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