'Confidence Game' con artists get life savings from Nashville grandmother

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    An elaborate scheme that resulted in a Nashville grandmother giving her life savings to con artists is being called the "confidence game."

    Metro Police believe there's been at least two instances of this ripoff. The latest started in an Aldi parking lot when two swindlers approached a Nashville grandmother for help opening a small bag that they had just "found."

    Blown away by the amount of money inside, the grandmother drove the swindlers to the bank at which one of them claimed to work. Encouraged to park in the back, the swindler faked like she went inside and came back out to claim that a $120,000 bond was also in the bag.

    The con artists -- one man and one woman -- asked the grandmother for collateral to cash the bond in case anyone came back to claim it. She went into her safety deposit box and handed over nearly $15,000.

    "That hit a red flag too because I've always been told you didn't have to have money to get money," said the victim who hoped to remain anonymous. "I thought I'd met some Godly people that wanted to share this money with us."

    When the grandmother pulled around the front of the bank the short, African-American man and woman were gone.

    "It was my life savings," she said through tears. "Just value your life. Don't value things, even money. Don't value money that much. Sure, I miss my 14,357 dollars, but if God wants me to have it back, he will give it to me."

    Having missed numerous warning signs, the victim said her first mistake was letting anyone in her car, but as she says, she saw "dollar signs" and had been hoping to donate to her church.

    "Only thing I could think about was I could finally give my church the $5,000. I'd been aiming for that for a long time," she said.

    Metro Police are working several leads in the case. The victim hopes that by sharing her story, she will keep other people from falling victim. If you have any information on this type of rip-off, call Metro Police at 615-74-CRIME.

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