Compromise Found for Sidewalk Newspaper Vendors

Contributor Street Sales Bill on Hold Following Compromise by Legislators

Nashville, Tenn --- For the last few years Dave has made his living selling newspapers on the sidewalk for papers like the Contributor and Faith Unity.

Dave says the vast majority of customers are either driving or riding in vehicles.

As you'd imagine he doesn't support recent proposals to ban venders from selling to people in vehicles.

"You would jeopardize Contributor. You would jeopardize my paper faith unity," said Dave.

Council Member Steve Glover says he made the proposal last year for safety reasons.

Now he's putting it on hold indefinitely to suggest something new.

"I think we've reached a good compromise that's good for the city police department gives parameters there. It's good for venders," said Glover.

That plan would let venders and people collecting donations continue approaching people in vehicles provided they get a permit and go through training.

Those venders would also have to follow a basic rule of not stepping into the street.

"If you're legit if you're willing to follow the rules. If you're willing to go through a training session and abide by what the existing laws are then you get a permit," said Glover.

Venders who violate those rules three times would lose their permit.

Glover's plans to submit his new proposal to Metro Council next month.

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