Community shows support for Hermitage candle man's dream, determination

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A Hermitage man had a rough start launching his business off the ground. But after a frustrated Facebook post about his struggles, the community stepped in to show their support.

Calvin Jones woke up one morning with a dream.

"When they twist that top off and smell that candle, that's when my heart starts pounding,” Jones said.

He's made candle after candle with the hopes of selling them on the corner outside of a Hermitage gas station. Sunday, he sat on that corner for six hours. Not a single person stopped to look at, or even smell, his candles.

"It was a little heartbreaking because I saw people slow down. They read the signs and stuff,” Jones said, "It started to have me thinking am I not an approachable type person, you know. I took my hat off.I tried to straighten myself up."

He shared his story on Facebook, with a vow to keep trying for the sake of his dream.

"I got my feelings out. I made a post. I didn't really think too much about it and then everybody just started sharing it," Jones said.

Messages poured in from people wanting to support his small business.

“I've probably sold, in these last two days, a good 200 candles," Jones said.

He’s been hand-delivering the candles around Nashville and sharing his story along the way. The candles are named “Good Jelly Make Scents.”

Jones also works in a nursing home, and a late patient gave him the nickname “Good Jelly Jones” years ago.

"I knew he wasn't gonna give up. I was like we have to experience it," wife Savey Jones said. "There's ups and downs, and we're gonna make it."

Jones now has a different look at life, amazed at what his hard work has turned into.

"It's a crazy thing how you can wake up with a single thought and it just turns into something totally different," Jones said.

He is in the process of creating a website to keep up with the demand.

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