Community Oversight Now, Fraternal Order of Police fight over amendment on Metro's ballot

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An argument broke out at a Tuesday night meeting at the Metro courthouse as two opposing sides fight over an amendment on Metro's ballot.

It all centers around the hotly debated Community Oversight Now amendment. The fight was between the organization wanting more police oversight and the Fraternal Order of Police.

The interruption happened after the FOP made a statement during their meeting, saying several parts of Amendment One are constitutionally questionable, calling Community Oversight Now a $10 million waste of tax dollars.

Community Oversight Now wants to add more accountability to Metro Police after recent police-involved shootings of black men.

FOX 17 News also had a crew at their meeting this evening, which was not interrupted.

"Trustworthiness very often is best understood when there's a willingness to be open in the ways in which we view and the ways in which there can be some checks and balances," a pastor at the meeting said.

FOP Past President Sgt. Robert Weaver argued, "As Amendment 1 is written, it is biased against police officers. It presumes a level of malfeasance that's simply not there for the officers of the Metro Police Department."

Sergeant Weaver says it seems this bill is set up for retaliation or retribution for a problem that he says does not seem to exist.

Both groups gathered Tuesday night for a final push for and against the amendment.

Early voting starts Wednesday in Davidson County with Election Day slated for November 6.

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