Cleaning lady accused of moonlighting as burglar in Lebanon

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A cleaning woman in Lebanon has been accused of moonlighting as a burglar, at least that’s what one victim says after he caught her going through his home.

The 51-year old woman was transferred to a Metro jail after being arrested in Lebanon at the victim’s house.

Court documents list over a dozen different names the woman has gone by, and over a dozen other arrests related to stealing or lying to police.

It was an average day for Chazz Gunn. He was pulling into his driveway-after work when he noticed a strange car parked behind his house.

“Driver's door was open, passenger rear door was open,” Gunn said. “So, I looked in the backseat, and there is this diagnostic computer that I use for work, it was here in a case, and it was in the back seat of this car. And, I’m like okay, something is not right there.”

So, Gunn went inside and said he found the 51-year-old woman rummaging through his closet.

“I startled her, I was just as shocked,” Gunn said.

He said he argued with her and then called police.

“She tried telling me she was a cleaning lady, and I said cleaning ladies clean houses, not clean them out,” said Chazz.

Chazz said the woman had all kinds of cleaning products in her car, but neither he, nor his wife, Tamara asked for her services.

“We didn’t hire her to clean our house,” says Tamara.

However, after posting pictures of the woman and her mugshot on Facebook, others in the community said they did hire her.

“Some have had said they had stuff come up missing, some have said that they didn’t have any problem with her that she did an amazing job at cleaning her house,” said Tamara.

Suzanne Durham, or Jimmette, or Mitchell, or whichever one of the other names she goes by, has numerous theft crimes on her record.

“There may be more out there that had been victimized by her some may not even know that they have been victimized by her. They didn’t think to look if anything is missing,” said Tamara.

For Chazz, he said he’s thankful for the way it went down, that he got home from work before his wife, and that he got home before no one got hurt.

“She could have had a weapon,” he said.

It's unclear right now which charges the 51-year-old woman is facing, arrest records show she also violated probation.

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