Clarksville woman loses wedding rings at Garth Brooks concert in Nashville

(Courtesy Meegan)

A Clarksville wife and mother of two is asking for the public’s help in locating her engagement ring and wedding bands she believes were lost at a Nashville concert.

Meegan said and her husband Charles were at Bridgestone Arena on Sunday seeing a concert on her bucket list – Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. The day happened to mark 12 years of marriage for the superstars.

Meegan said she doesn’t know the exact moment when her rings went lost – but she knows the exact moment when she realized it.


Before the concert the couple went to Oak Steakhouse Nashville. Meegan said she recalls seeing her rings on her finger at dinner.

The couple, who are highschool sweethearts, had floor seats to the show. Before it started, Meegan went to the restroom. She said she had just gotten done washing her hands and threw the paper towel in a garbage bag.

About 30 feet away from the restroom, Meegan felt that her rings weren’t on her finger. She thinks her fingers shrunk due to the cold and the rings may have slipped off.

She headed back to the restroom where she checked around the sinks, which had strainers that the ring would have gotten caught on, with no luck.

Employees then gave her gloves and helped her search through the garbage where she had just tossed her paper towel into. Again, no luck.

Time went on and as women, who were complete strangers, came into the restroom and saw what was going on – they pitched in to help search and pray.

“That was pretty amazing, because I knew the concert was starting. I felt this guilt and they were totally there for me,” Meegan said. “That’s an amazing thing about women.”

Meegan was able to check the stalls after the crowds fizzled out, but again, no luck.

After returning to her seat, she again searched for the ring and stayed after for the concert.

Now, Meegan is hoping someone at the concert can help her locate the priceless rings.

If you have information on the whereabouts of Meegan's rings, please email

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