Clarksville police warn about spike in fentanyl

File Photo: MGN

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. -- A warning out of Clarksville, police believe there is more fentanyl out on the streets than normal.

Fentanyl was just named American’s most deadly drug. Police in Clarksville want everyone in the community who use drugs, like heroin to know there is an increased risk.

Around 7:30 at night people living on Millstone Circle heard a large bang.

“I heard Clarksville police department yell really loud,” says one neighbor who says they yelled about a search warrant. “Saw them kick in the door and flash bang my neighbor across the street, and then all swat ran in there.”

That is one of three homes raided by a group of different drug specialty investigative units— in connection to drug overdoses in Clarksville.

Authorities say “These investigations were spurred by reports of multiple overdoses in our community.”

Another one of the homes raided is over on Whitfeild Road, right alongside an elementary school.

“The police are pretty much patrolling this pretty much every day,” says a neighbor. “You never stop to think this stuff is happening right next door to you. You know, you always think it’s going to be the other side of town.”

Neighbors say they are interested to find out if the detective work takes, at least some of the drugs off the streets.

“I have neighbors that have kids that’s the only time I get a little nervous about it,” says a neighbor.

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