Clarksville judge taking heat over comments about KKK

Judge Wayne Shelton. Photo: Montgomery Co. Court

What a Montgomery County Judge said during a homicide hearing is getting national attention.

Headlines across the country are quoting him as saying that black men are more effective at killing each other than the KKK.

The comments he made about being sick and tired about black men shooting each other have sparked a racially charged conversation.

Some people have called Judge Wayne Shelton racist.

Judge Shelton is the longest sitting judge in the area, and the people who have his back might surprise you.

Jimmie Garland, Clarksville Branch President of the NAACP, said it’s a misunderstanding.

“There are some words that he used that I probably wouldn’t have used, but even in using some of those words I still have to be with him,” said Garland.

Garland said Judge Shelton comparing black on black crime to the KKK is what is making most people upset. However, he stands behind the judge.

“He’s concerned about the youth, and when he says black lives matter he really does mean that,” Garland commented.

On the other hand, an area activist tells us he’s disappointed in the words the elected official used.

Terry McMoore organizes a lot events in Clarksville, calling himself the Great Black American Activist. He said the KKK is active and alive today, and using the group as a comparison minimizes their place in history and their activity right now.

However, a Clarksville attorney who has appeared in front of Judge Shelton said people are missing the point.

Mark Olson said, “He doesn’t care if you’re white, black, green, what he cares about is the senseless violence and he wants it to come to an end.”

Those who know Judge Shelton personally said they want to change the conversation.

“If the nation would wake up, and listen to what’s going on, and watch, pay attention to what’s going on across the Unites States of America, it’s nice to have someone sitting on the bench that care about our children," Garland said.

Garland is arguing that there is a bigger conversation here about senseless gun violence amonst all youth.

FOX 17 News reporter Nicole Johnson reached out to the judge, and has not heard back from him yet.

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