Clarksville boy living with autism searching for his missing service dog

Photo submitted by Debi Zamora

A Clarksville fourth grader living with autism is searching for his service dog that went missing last week.

9-year-old Ashton has been looking for his 100 lb. Bernese Mountain dog since last Tuesday afternoon when the family moved to a new home.

Ashton's mother, Debi Zamora, says there have been little to no sightings of the service animal named Chance.

"Chance is not 'just a dog' he is a very important member of our family," Zamora said.

She made a Facebook post directed to the person who may have Chance on Monday.

"He [Chance] doesn't know any real tricks as he has a job to do and that consumes most of his time," Zamora said in the post. "His job is a very important one, he keeps His boy Ashton safe and helps keep Ashton from hurting himself."

Anyone with information on Chance has been urged to call Debi at 931-249-8118 or Lourdes at 607-261-0525.

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