Clarksville 12-year-old publishes book addressing bullying


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV)- A 12-year-old Clarksville girl has written a book to take a stand against bullying.

Gordon held her first book signing at the Clarksville-Montgomery County Library in February.

While in elementary school, Gordon said middle school boys would point at her hair and call her names.

"I wouldn't tell my teacher I wouldn't tell my parents I would just let it happen," Gordon said.

Years later, she decided to write the book "Stop Bullying."

Robyn's mother, Treva Gordon, had no idea her daughter has been bullied until she saw a rough draft of the book.

"I just couldn't let it sit there," Gordon said.

Instead of writing about herself, Robyn tells the story of fictional characters Robbie and bully Steve.

Gordon and her husband own a publishing company. They decided to print hundreds of copies of the book.

It's now is a hit at school.

"Kids come up to me and were like do you know Robyn?" Ny-Kia Page, Robyn's friend said. "And I said yes she is my friend."

"I think a lot of kids can identify with bullying, having been bullied maybe doing the bullying themselves," Treva Gordon said.

The book can be found at

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