Citizens Learn How to Combat Terrorism, Other Threats


MOUNT JULIET, Tenn. -- Recent terrorist attacks and mass shootings are leading people to find ways to protect themselves when danger strikes. Here in middle Tennessee and worldwide: Krav Maga combat training is one way on the rise.

As a local fire fighter and paramedic, Brian Peters' duty is to serve and protect.

Peters says , safety isn't just the responsibility of those who serve our country, though. This weekend, he is teaching citizens to protect and fight back against attacks .

Joshua Sanders knows how to put out flames as a Franklin firefighter. Now, he's learning how to extinguish another enemy like terrorism and...

"Increasing threats to law enforcement and public safety officials .There's a potential that we may face people that want to do harm. As a citizen, husband and father, we want to be able to protect our families,” says Sanders.

The soon-to-be father is doing more than preparing for his first child. The growing amount of violence internationally has dozens like, Sanders, at Mount Juliet’s Body Shop Fitness.

The threats and attacks, according to participant, Jackie Saunders, "Are becoming so common now that people are almost expecting it. It's not the way it should be."

“The active shooting scenarios, people breaking into schools, movie theatres, nightclubs: We saw in Orlando there were people right by the shooter. As they ran they were shot. So, the idea of run and hideif I can get to an exit of course...but if I am right by the bad guy or the attacker with a gun or weapon go into fight mode ."

Peters is the head instructor of Ultimate Defense Krav Maga. He teaches techniques to everyday people through a weapons defense crash course.

The 16-hour workshop takes place over two days, teaching multiple defense techniques against various threats, attacks and weapons.

"Even in Tennessee where conceal and open carry is big here, you don't always have the option to get your weapon out first, so you need to deal with the threat,” explains Peters.

Sanders adds that the classes are, “A great foundation or it's a great way to build whatever skills you might already have”

Not everyone is as experienced like Sanders, who also works for homeland security.

All ages, from all walks are participating like Jackie Saunders, a Brentwood nanny.

"I'm completely out of my comfort zone, but it's a good thing. It's empowering to women to know how to protect themselves and other people, especially with all that's going on. If more people learn to protect themselves, then I think it would be easier to stop some of the violence,” Saunders says.

“Nobody wants to be a victim. The best way to not be a victim is to train and this is a good way to do that in any situation,” adds Sanders.

Ultimate Defense Krav Maga is based in Spring Hill and an affiliate of Krav Maga Global. Peters puts on public and group workshops in the mid-state and across the country.

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