Changing the face of Nashville crime: Juveniles charged with murder up 30% last year

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Youth crime is becoming all too common here in Nashville, something Yun Wang and Ed Wisdom agree with. Police believe Wang’s and Wisdom’s dads were killed by young kids.

On Thursday afternoon, 24-year old Kyle Yorlets died outside of his Nashville home, a scenario eerily similar to that of Yun Wang’s dad.

“It happened in broad daylight, on Thursday afternoon, at 3 p.m., right in front of our home,” Wang said.

Last year, Wang’s parents came to visit him from China.

He says his dad was helping him with house work, when police say a young girl killed him while he was taking out the trash.

“My mom and her desperate cry out for help and try to call 911 even though she doesn't speak English; that stuck in my mind. It plays back all the time,” Wang said.

It plays back for Ed Wisdom as well.

His dad was also murdered outside of their home. He says a group of teens asked his dad for his car keys, an interaction which soon turned violent.

“My father tried to make his way into the household and was too weak to get into the door. He sat on the porch and died on the front porch of our home,” said Wisdom.

Unfortunately, this is a growing problem.

According to the Davidson County Juvenile Court, last year, 200 kids were charged with gun possession, a 12% increase from the year before.

The number of kids charged with murder was up 30%, and juvenile vehicle thefts went up from 184 in 2017 to 200 in 2018.

For both, the open wounds remain, and hearing and and seeing the news of Kyle's death brings those memories flooding back.

“He wasn’t there when I got married, and I had always said my father would be the best man at my wedding,” Wisdom said.

“You know, when you go back to your home and suddenly there is one person less, and all those memories just kind of stick with you,” said Wang.

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