Centerville residents, businesses still dealing with water supply issues

Businesses affected by water issues in Centerville (WZTV).

CENTERVILLE, Tenn. -- Residents and businesses in Centerville are losing patience after water issues continue to plague the city.

This is the third straight day the town of Centerville has been without clean drinking water. The issue began on Thursday when Swan creek swelled after heavy rains hit the area — local officials say an increased amount of sediment was in the water, and that the water treatment plant wasn’t able to handle the purifying process.

The water issues have affected local businesses like the Mason Jar Cafe who is losing money by being closed.

“I’ve had a lot of frustrated moments because when you go a day without work that’s one thing when you start going two, three days and your business is slowed, that can shut a small business down,” owner, Kate Baldridge said,

The Mason Jar Cafe along with other businesses and residents have revived bottled water until the city’s water reaches a safe drinking level.

There’s no word on when the water will be back on, officials hope this week.

“We’ll start testing the finished water at different points in the neighborhoods and we’ll get those samples to the state for examination once they say the water is clear then we’ll lift the boil water notice area by area,” Centerville Mayor Gary Jacobs said.

Meantime, this is the second time this water issue has happened within a month.

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