Caught on Camera: Huge brawl between parents at youth softball game in East TN

Parents brawl at east Tennessee youth softball game. (WJHL)

An alleged bad call equaled a bad brawl in Kingston, Tennessee, recently. The incident has some in the mid-state saying parents are taking youth sports too seriously.

“At first I’m just like, it’s just a game,” parent Zach Jackson said.

Jackson, a former pitcher for the Brewers and Indians, sat down with FOX 17 News today to talk about the growing issue of parents extreme expectations on their kids to do well on the playing field.

“I tell him, 'you have the same rules for every game.' And he’ll tell you that to have fun, play hard, do your best, for the kids, and my son specifically, Tyson, you just want them to have fun. You want the kids to have fun, that they want to come back to the next season to play,” Jackson said.

We also showed the video to parents at Carney Patterson field in south Nashville to get their take on the video.

Parent Jen Norcross said, “I’m here for my son, and my daughter plays softball too, so when I’m there for her and that’s my job as a parent to support and not to be negative and have a side show like that go on.”

“I’m a little league coach and parents go crazy. You have to remind them it’s just a game. Coaches aren’t paid. It’s for the kids to have fun," Rob Moore said.

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