CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Goodlettsville church property vandalized after theft attempt goes wrong

Photos obtained by FOX 17 News

After an attempted theft went wrong, those at a Goodlettsville church are hoping you might know who is behind the crime.

Police are looking for the two men in a pickup truck caught on surveillance video Tuesday morning. Police say the men damaged property at Goodlettsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church off of Main Street.

Church leaders tell FOX 17 News the criminals weren't trying to vandalize their property; it was just the aftermath of them putting in a lot of effort to get what they were really after.

Pastor Tim Stutler believes the men were trying to steal the church’s $5,000 dollar riding lawn mower, parked behind their church bus.

“These guys hooked onto the mower and tried to drag it out with the truck," Stutler said.

Camera caught the men from several angles.

Kenny Vetetoe, a security employee at the church said, “They hop out of the truck here and they head back behind the bus to drag the lawn mower out.”

Vetetoe said it didn’t go as planned.

“They are just pulling it and doing more and more damage until it finally got wedged, and looks like people came in next door and they got scared and left,” said Stutler.

They drove off, then circled back around the building, and unfortunately for them, they pulled right in front of the churches newly installed security system.

"I just want to make people aware that there is someone out there that is preying on opportunities,” said Vetetoe.

No pun intended, cameras spotted the truck scoping out the church earlier.

"Our concern is that is someone is willing to do this in broad daylight to a church, they would steal from anybody. So, we are hoping they would be protected by us reporting who they are," Stutler said.

Fortunately, it could have been worse. Unfortunately, their brand new church bus has a lot of damage.

More than a $1,000 worth.

"We use this to take senior citizens to different places, to take children and youth different places,” said Stutler.

At the end of the day, insurance will cover the bus, but Pastor Stutler is hoping by spreading the surveillance video, it will prevent something worse from happening to someone else.

FOX 17 News is told the church is known for being the friendliest church in town. However, they still have a really good security system and officers of staff, saying it's something you just need these days.

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