Catfish Jake demonstrates how to wrap a catfish for a Preds playoff game

(Fox 17 News)

Jake Waddell’s bold move to throw a catfish on the ice in Pittsburgh last year sparked a legend that has now sparked a foundation.

“Catfish Jake” as he is known to many completed his latest stunt this week in Colorado, tossing another catfish on the ice at the Pepsi Center.

Waddell sneaks the fish into the arena in his pants or boot, but he gives the fish a spray of air freshener first.

“By the end, I smell like Febreze fish,” Waddell said as he explained to Fox 17 the many steps of preparing the catfish to get into the arena.

“You take this freezer paper and wrap it from top to bottom,” Waddell said. “Then the key is using these zip ties to make sure you can get a good grip to toss it onto the ice.”

Waddell cuts a small hole through the catfish’s mouth and affixes the zip tie.

“This is a 2.5 pound fish and I’ve [got] a 2.5 gallon ziplock,” Waddell explained. The zip lock is the final step to storing the fish with as little odor as possible.

Waddell has used the publicity from his catfish-throwing to start his own foundation which raises money for children and families affected by Congnital Heart Defects. Waddell’s youngest son, Brooks, had a combination of four congenital heart defects.

Asked if Winnipeg (should the Preds defeat the Avalanche) was on his schedule, Waddell smiled and said, “I’ve looked into it, kicked a few things around.”

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