Bredesen, Blackburn battle over deficits and tax cuts

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The Job Creators Network, making more than 40 stops across the country, joined Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn in Franklin Wednesday to champion the Republican tax cuts.

Williamson County business owner Brett Henry joined the celebration, commending the savings he’ll see from the $1.5 trillion package.

“You have representatives that are actually caring about us as business people,” Henry said.

Blackburn voted for the tax cuts and believes they’re helping working families. However, the cuts will reportedly lead to the largest yearly federal deficit ever as the government will fall more than $800 billion short of paying its bills.

That vote stands in stark contrast to Bredesen who says rising deficits are becoming a “moral” issue. He balanced eight budgets as Tennessee’s governor and had to make nine percent cuts in his first year.

Bredesen says he’ll evaluate every bill simply on whether it is good for Tennesseans. “I'd love to work with the president and try to craft those kids of more precise solutions,” he tells FOX 17 News.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says that the country’s debt will equal its gross domestic product in 10 years. FOX 17 asked Blackburn how she would respond after claiming to be a deficit hawk throughout the Obama years.

“What you see is by lowering the tax rates you’ve actually increased revenues to the federal government by over $26 billion for this year so far,” Blackburn said, referring to increased spending and cash flow as a reason for brighter days ahead for the deficit.

Bredesen says, “I'm certainly not going to let somebody saying, no no no -- you've gotta play this Washington game [of party politics]. That's just not going to happen with me.”

Republican political activist Brenna Spencer says Republicans need to work hard to sell their tax cuts in hopes that they are a winning issue in November.

“We were all very excited when the tax cuts happen and we got a bonus,” Spencer said. “Even the lowest income is benefiting from it.”

The latest polling suggest Bredesen has a small lead over Blackburn, and the Congresswoman hopes the tax cuts are a win for her in November even though she spent years decrying big deficits that started under George W. Bush.

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