Boyfriend Speaks Out After He Was Kidnapped by Beauty Queen and Accused Drug Dealer



NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- For the first time outside of a courtroom, Joshua Conway is recounting his eight-hour, terrifying kidnapping experience.

A lawsuit filed in Davidson County Circuit Court on March 9 claims Kumari Fulbright conspired with her ex-fiancé Robert Ergonis to kidnap her then-boyfriend Conway. The complaint further alleges Fulbright bit him, put her nails into his neck, put a knife in his ear, and threatened to 'cut off his balls.'

Tucson, Arizona police documents reveal in December 2007, Ergonis and two other men were involved in tying up Conway, holding him gunpoint and torturing him for more than eight hours.

On an episode of the reality show "One Bad Choice" that aired on MTV two months ago, Kumari Fulbright tells a very different story. Fulbright tells MTV producers her then-boyfriend Conway stole her jewelry.

"He continues to deny it," Fulbright said on MTV. "I'm just boiling on the inside."

On the show, Fulbright says she reached out to her former boyfriend Rob Ergonis for help. At the time, Ergonis had also recently been arrested for drug trafficking in Las Vegas.

Ergonis agreed to help Fulbright. It resulted in Conway being kidnapped and tortured.

"They're hitting me, they're pistol whipping me and they're telling me really sick stuff," Conway told FOX 17.

Fulbright's account of the events on the reality show is causing Conway to sue for libel. He now lives in Nashville and has hired an attorney. Court records reveal Fulbright admitted to a jury that she asked Conway to "pawn her jewelry because she needed money." Conway was never charged with theft.

"I didn't want 15 minutes of fame--I wanted the rest of my life," Conway said.

Zip tied, Conway told FOX 17 he managed to free himself on that night in December 2007 when Ergonis and the other men left Fulbright and him unattended.

"I have my hand on this gun--she has her hand on the trigger--so I'm thinking--the next one is going to hit me," Conway said.

Ergonis and Fulbright were both convicted of kidnapping and sent to prison. Ergonis is still serving time. Fulbright was released.

FOX 17 has reached out to Fulbright for a response.

On FOX 17 Thursday: watch for details about the man who held Joshua Conway at gunpoint for hours and how Conway managed to escape.

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