Boyd Foundation to donate $1 million per year for Tennessee dog parks

Photo: MGN

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Tennessee is receiving a $1 million annual donation for the building and enhancement of dog parks in communities throughout the state.

The Boyd Foundation -guided by Randy and Jenny Boyd-- is donating the money as part of a three-year commitment dubbed the "Tennessee Dog Park Dash."

Over the course of the three years, the donations are expected to impact over 100 dog parks.

In the first year alone, the donation will fund 36 dog parks through a grant program. $900,000 of the funds will be evenly distributed across the state's three divisions. A contest will be held to find the most pet-friendly community in the state. Once decided, that community will receive the final $100,000.

Randy Boyd is a former commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development and founder of the PetSafe company.

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