Bonnaroo kicks off day 1 of the four-day music festival

(Fox 17 News)

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester kicked off day one on Thursday.

Headliners this year include Eminem and The Killers and thousands of fans taking part in the four-day fest that transforms an 800 acre farm.

The beat will go on until Sunday at Bonnaroo. Some haven't missed a beat since attending the first time, like Allan Pritchard from Memphis.

"This is my third year to come to Bonnaroo," Pritchard said. "First time, I brought my older daughter when she turned 18 and then I came back last year with my younger daughter when she turned 18, and it's so much fun I had to bring my college roommate with me this year. "

"Seventeen years, it's really hard to believe," Ashley Capps said.

Capps, the AC Entertainment CEO (Bonnaroo partner) says it's all about family as one of Bonnaroo's founders.

"We certainly didn't plan for it to take root so strongly that first year, but it was a sense of community," Capps said. "The camping experience, and that shared experience of living together, being completely immersed in this weekend together and there's nothing like it."

There is nothing like the heat says Carl Monzo, festival public safety director. There are 15 medical tents on the property.

"We see a large volume of people on a daily basis, those numbers escalate as the weekend goes on, "Monzo said. "We have some that are staffed by physicians, nurses, paramedics and EMT's. We have venue staff that is roaming, out on patrol looking for anyone that might need assistance."

With so many wanting to join the beat but not get beat by the heat, Monzo said stay hydrated.

"You have a beer, you have a water, keep that hydration level up and always look out for each other," Monzo said.

Bonnaroo also allows fans to see their favorite artists. Allan Pritchard said he's excited to see Sturgill Simpson.

"It amounts to a festival within a festival," Ashley Capps said. "That's a really huge leap in terms of what it represents to the fans."

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