Bicycling in the Boro: City tells homeowners to keep lanes clear of cars, debris


The City of Murfreesboro is cautioning homeowners to keep bike lanes and sidewalks clear of debris after multiple complaints from bicyclists.

The city says homeowners also need to make sure to not park their vehicles in the bike lanes.

“As the City’s bike and pedestrian system continues to grow, citizens need to be sensitive to the need to share the road with those who take advantage of alternative means of transportation and recreation,” City Engineer Chris Griffith said. “We need to do everything we can to ensure that bike lanes and sidewalks are unobstructed for the good of public safety.”

Murfreesboro has been making strides to make the city more bike and pedestrian friendly, in hopes of cutting down on traffic congestion. The city currently has 25.14 miles of dedicated bike lanes.

Jones Boulevard is slated to under go a widening project. It should be completed by 2019.

“Transportation and getting around Murfreesboro is more than just widening and paving streets,” Transportation Director Jim Kerr said. “It’s also about creating an interconnected-ness between cars, buses, transit, bikes and walking for the betterment of the whole community.”

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