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Dying elderly man leaves 14 years worth of Christmas presents for 2-year-old neighbor

Cropped Photo: Kelvin Kay / CC BY-SA 3.0
Cropped Photo: Kelvin Kay / CC BY-SA 3.0
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Before an elderly man died, he left his 2-year-old neighbor 14 years worth of Christmas presents.

The tender story from Barry, Wales is touching hearts all over the world this holiday season.

Owen Williams couldn't believe his eyes when he opened his door to find a woman clutching a sack of toys.

Williams tweeted that his late neighbor's daughter had brought the large plastic sack, full of toys for 2-year-old Cadi.

Elderly neighbor Ken, a former salvage diver, seaman, carpenter and baker, had arranged the sweet surprise. Exactly 14 years worth of presents for his toddler neighbor.

Williams said he first met Ken as he was bouncing a 20 foot ladder on his house - he was 83 at the time and at the very top.

The Williams' are now deciding what to do with all the presents. Open them now or open one each year until 2032. The family said they broke down and opened one gift already. It was a Christmas book for Cadi.

Take Owen's Twitter poll on what to do with the gifts here. Right now, the majority of Twitter users thinks Cadi should open one gift a year until 2032.

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