Beacon Center wins lawsuit clearing path for more Airbnbs in core of Nashville

Beacon Center wins Airbnb lawsuit. (Photo: Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine/MGN)

A Nashville couple's lawsuit win has cleared the door for more Airbnbs to come into the core of Nashville.

P.J. and Rachel Anderson, represented by the Beacon Center, won the lawsuit Friday. A judge rules that Nashville's Airbnb law is unconstitutional .

"It was a huge victory for homeowners in Nashville and across the state," Beacon Litigation Director Braden Boucek said. "Not only does the ruling show that the Nashville City Council completely disregarded the state Constitution when it passed this law, but it also sends a loud and clear message to cities across the state when it comes to restricting homeowners' rights in the new economy."

The Beacon Center said the lawsuit was the first of its kind in any part of the U.S.

Under Nashville's law, non-owner occupied Airbnbs are limited to 3 percent of "any given censor track," or neighborhood. The Andersons have a home in Germantown and said they couldn't get a permit because they had all already been taken.

In fact, most of the core neighborhoods in Nashville already have their non-owner occupied permits filled up, so people new to the neighborhood don't have a chance of getting that type of permit. The judge's ruling on Friday appears to clear up the path for new home-owners in the hear of Nashville.

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