August Moon: Indoor drive-in theater to open in Pigeon Forge before Nashville

    "August Moon Drive-In" coming to Nashville in 2018. (Courtesy Michael Counts)

    It looks like Pigeon Forge will be getting an indoor drive-in theater before Music City.

    But don't worry just yet, plans are still moving forward for an "August Moon" in East Nashville, according to project designer Michael Counts.

    "August Moon" is a chance for movies to get immersive with a first-of-its kind indoor drive-in theater sporting a 1960s feel.

    The new attraction was hoped to be in East Nashville by Spring 2018, but FOX 17 News has learned that a location will first open in Pigeon Forge, a mountain town and popular vacation area in the eastern part of the state.

    Counts said there is a lot of momentum and a significant investment in the Pigeon Forge project after a developer showed eagerness for the new way to watch movies.

    According to Counts, the Pigeon Forge location "includes a significant investment in the project and inclusion in a really exciting entertainment center, we are in deep discussions to open the flagship there."

    Right now, the primary focus is in the Pigeon Forge location with hopes to open Fall 2019. The Nashville location will hopefully open Spring 2020, but earlier if possible.

    "We have the same love of Nashville and the plan to open in East Nashville has continued to move forward," Counts said. "But the Pigeon Forge opportunity moved really quickly and the level of commitment from this developer is really critical for a business like ours."

    A "letter of intent" was renegotiated with the East Nashville property owner, making Counts' Nashville project still active. Counts said Nashville investors remain eager and his commitment to a second market is "as strong as ever."

    The 60,000 square-foot air-supported dome is slated to be built in Main Event Parking at the intersection of James Robertson Parkway and Interstate 24 in East Nashville. Counts said a grounds lease has been talked about with the owners of Main Event Parking, which has occupied the space.

    As for Pigeon Forge's project, Counts met with the Mayor last month and presented it to City Council. A final lease needs to be signed, as well as site engineering, ground breaking and of course, construction.

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