AT&T sues Nashville over Google Fiber-backed ordinance

AT&T is suing Nashville over a Google Fiber backed-ordinance. (PHOTO: MGN)

AT&T on Thursday sued Metro Government over the Google Fiber-backed ordinance “One Touch Make Ready.”

It comes after Mayor Megan Barry signed a law to let the company move quicker to install internet lines on existing NES utility poles.

The months-long process slowed it rollout.

AT&T argues the federal communications commission-not cities-should have the power to regulate utility poles.

“AT&T remains committed to Nashville, and our more than 2,200 area employees will continue to turn our significant investment in the area into the fiber-optic based, wired and wireless connectivity that Nashville residents and businesses demand. In addition, as we have maintained from day 1 of this discussion, Tennessee municipalities do not have jurisdiction to regulate pole attachments. And while we have worked with the Mayor, members of Council, NES, and others toward a better solution for Nashville, in light of the recent vote, we have no other option but to challenge this unlawful ordinance in federal court,” Joe Burgan, spokesman for AT&T

Read the full complaint here:

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