Artist promises to keep friend's memory alive after deadly Waffle House shooting

(submitted to Fox 17 News)

It’s been nearly one month since a gunman took the life of up and coming music artist Akila Dasilva.

Loved ones and friends like Breion Dixon can’t see Dasilva anymore in person, but he can keep watching him over and over in the last video they recorded together.

“Natrix was probably the guy that all of them in here, was like their big brother. He’s was like you can do it. You can do it,” said Dixon.

Dixon, who’s stage name is “Lil Bre” has known Dasilva, who goes by “Natrix the Dream," for three years.

He says Dasilva was more than a friend. He was a creative force who motivated everyone around him, wanted them to be their best while he too tried to make it big in the industry as a performer, producer and videographer.

You name it, he did it, says Dixon. He says that’s a testament to Dasilva’s passion for the business.

"He was a grinder," Dixon said. "He didn’t look at is as if I’m going to make it as a rapper. He looked at it as if I’m going to be a businessman because I’m about to do everything that the music industry has to offer."

On a rainy Sunday morning last last month, a gunman silenced Dasilva’s voice when he walked into an Antioch Waffle House and opened fire.

“It just hurt our heart because it’s like, dang, this is another young dude that didn’t get a chance to see his dreams unfold,” Dixon said.

Dixon said he and other friends in the industry plan to keep Dasilva’s dream alive.

“I know he’s up in heaven talking about 'Oh. They’re talking about me,'" Dixon said. "Because that’s what he wanted. He wanted people to talk about him and remember his name."

The Waffle House where the shooting happened is still collecting donations to give to families of the shooing victims. All proceeds from those who buy food there will be donated. The donation cycle ends Wednesday, March 23.

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