Army Major Questioned in Pembroke Murders


PEMBROKE, KY. -- There are new developments in a triple murder murder case in Pembroke, Kentucky.

An Army Major stationed at Fort Campbell just got released Tuesday night after being held in barracks since Friday. He lives across the street from the three people believed to be murdered.

"He's happy to be out of the barracks where he had a washcloth, a wash towel and a bar soap since Friday night," said Military Defense Attorney Bill Summers.

Summers says the Army's criminal investigation division took Army Major Christian "Kit" Martin into custody Friday as deputies searched his home and looked for clues in a triple murder. The Christian County Sheriff's Department says they found two people burned-up in a car set on fire Thursday and another man shot to death in a house. The people who live in the house are husband and wife Pam and Cal Phillips.

"Calvin Phillips was a witness. He was on our witness list and he was a witness on the governments witness list," said Summers.

It turns out, according to Summers, Major Martin is facing sexual assault charges at Fort Campbell. His neighbor, Phillips, who disappeared, and is likely murdered, had been set to testify against him.

"The fact that he's on our witness list and theirs would make any homicide detective make him a suspect," said Summers.

The Christian County Sheriff's Department won't comment on whether he's a suspect.

"We are being kept pretty much in the dark and there are reasons for that," said Beau Haddock.

Haddock says his best friend, who lives in the white house across from Major Martin, also disappeared Thursday night.

"We have been best friends for 40 years," said Haddock. "He disappeared the night this all went on."

Three people are missing and three people have been dead. DNA results still pending to confirm their identities.

Summers says his client, Martin, is not allowed right now to go further than 30 miles away from Fort Campbell.

FOX 17 is waiting for an update on the triple murder investigation from the Christian County Sheriff's Department.

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