Apartment dwellers worry about mold, leaky ceilings; New management cleans up mess

Photos obtained by FOX 17 News

Some people living in a Madison apartment complex claim they have been dealing with mold and leaky ceilings for years. It’s a problem some residents of the Highland Ridge Apartments say is now making them worried for their kids.

FOX 17 News was invited into some of these homes and saw the mold and cracks firsthand. After investigating, we learned these problems started years ago. New management took over the complex in July. They tell us they have been cleaning up the mess they inherited since then.

FOX 17 News talked to two families on the condition they would remain anonymous. Neither family wants to lose their home.

One of those families is a family of six. They have lived in their apartment for three years. They say for them, the issues started when they first moved into the complex.

“When we first moved in, I complained about the mold,” the mother of four tells us.

She showed FOX 17 News mold on her ceilings, walls, and an area she said leaked after a thunderstorm last year.

“There's mold everywhere, and I got kids that have asthma,” she explained.

The mother claims management said they would come fix the problem. Due to the danger of removing mold around people with asthma, she does not want them to come when her kids are home. She says it has been a struggle trying to get anything scheduled with the apartment complex.

Another family FOX 17 News talked to had recently been moved to a new apartment after their ceiling started caving in and leaking.

“Every day it would just get lower and lower and lower until when it rained it would leak water,” the mother said. “You would walk in our bedroom and you could just smell. It was so nasty.”

She said this happened in May, but that management did not move them to a new apartment until four months later when the family threatened to take legal action.

“It makes me angry because I know that there's other families going through this,” the mother said.

In the past five years, code enforcement has been to the Highland Ridge complex 21 times. However, new management took over in July, and since then, there's only been two code enforcement complaints.

The new management would not comment on the specific mold issues since the complaints came from anonymous people, but they did tell us they have been cleaning up a mess since they took over. The management claims they continue working to fix any issues as quickly as possible and if people have mold or other issues, they should report it immediately.

FOX 17 News did talk to other residents who said they have reported issues, and under new management, they’ve been fixed immediately.

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