Allegiant Airlines pilot union votes to authorize a strike

FOX 17 News file video photo

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The Teamsters Local 1224 announced pilots at Allegiant Air have voted in support to authorize a strike.

The vote comes as the airline is accused of refusing to live up to commitments and issues with scheduling the union says has impacted the lives of pilots and their families.

The airline started flight service from Nashville International Airport in June but was recently scrutinized following a 60 Minutes report. The show reported the airline suffered a list of more than 100 mechanical errors in a 19-month span. The list of reported issues includes smoke getting into the cabin, emergency landings and pieces of the plane breaking mid-flight.

Allegiant rebuked the report, saying the information was instigated by a disgruntled employee.

In a statement, Captain Eric Gust, the Vice President of Operations wrote:

"It is unfortunate and disappointing that CBS 60 Minutes has chosen to air a false narrative about Allegiant and the FAA. This unoriginal and outdated story bears no resemblance to Allegiant’s operations today, and shows a fundamental misunderstanding of FAA compliance practice and history. It focused primarily on events of several years past, prior to the FAA’s most recent comprehensive audit of Allegiant Air, which revealed no systemic or regulatory deficiencies."

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