Adoptive mother speaks after daughter's biological father killed in Clarksville shooting

(Clarksville Police photo/TBI photo)

An emotional conversation with the adoptive mother of a 21-year-old woman whose biological father was shot to death Tuesday night.

Clarksville Police said 40-year-old Aaron Johnson, a registered sex offender for violence against children, was shot to death by Rashaud Watson, 25.

Johnson was 21-year-old Chrissy Huntley's father. Huntley's adoptive mom Cheryl Huntley said Watson, the murder suspect, had been her adopted daughter's friend.

Shortly after the murder, Clarksville police released Chrissy Huntley's picture. Her adoptive mom Cheryl Huntley said she could not believe her eyes.

"I just had this eerie feeling because I've been having these dreams about my daughter seeing her dead," Huntley said. "My point being at that time was, 'was my child okay and alive?'"

After being on the run, police said Rashaud Watson turned himself into police shortly after Huntley said she got a call from her daughter.

"I heard her voice and knew she was okay," Huntley said. "I went and brought her in. The detectives were with me. She said 'mama I want you to bring me in.'"

Huntley said she adopted Chrissy and her two younger sisters in 2013 when the girls were 11, 14 and 16.

"I took these kids in because I fell in love with them," Huntley said. "I took those kids in to try and give them the best."

Huntley said she's beyond relieved that her daughter is safe.

"I have no idea what's happening next," Huntley said. "She's being questioned and he [Watson] is as well. So I have no idea what's going on. It's gotta be emotional for her. It's still her Dad."

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