99-year-old WWII veteran stops in Tennessee on U.S. "No Regrets Tour"

    (Courtesy Sidney Walton)

    One of the oldest living World War II veterans is embarking on a trek across the country to give folks the opportunity to meet him.

    Sidney Walton, 99, is stopping in Tennessee on Tuesday to meet with Gov. Bill Haslam at the State Capitol.

    Walton's going on a tour of the U.S. -- calling it his "No Regrets Tour."

    He wants every appreciative citizen throughout the country to have an opportunity to meet one of the last surviving WWII veterans.

    In 1941, Walton said he missed an opportunity to meet a few of the last surviving Civil War veterans so now - he wants to make up for it.

    Walton will finish his tour in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 11, 2019 to celebrate his 100th birthday.

    Click here to visit his website.

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