7th grade student e-mailed bomb threat that closed Lebanon schools

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The Wilson County Sheriff's Office said a 7th grader sent a bomb threat Friday morning that prompted several schools to close for the day.

The bomb threat was sent via e-mail and prompted all schools in the Lebanon Special School District to close. During the investigation, officers determined the threat was made toward Winfree Bryant Middle School.

"Due to the routing system of these emails, the district could not confirm that the threat was targeted only at this middle school. For the safety of all students, the decision was made to close all district schools," the schools said in a statement.

Panic and fear erupted at Winfree Bryant Middle School Friday morning, after the Lebanon Special School District received a bomb threat off its web page, and closes all six schools.

"This is not something to be played with," said Sgt. P.J. Hardy with Lebanon Police. "It's not a prank call. It's not for laughs. This is taken very seriously."

Hardy said officers can't take any chances in light of school violence cases nationwide and closer to home in Marshall County.

Officers searched the school, cleared the scene and identified a 7th grade girl as the suspect. The Wilson County Sheriff's Office is "highly confident" she'll be charged.

"We had all of our resources out there," Hardy said. "Multiple K9 units, we had lots of officers deployed, the sheriff's office as well. It takes a lot of resources to sift through this."

This is at least the ninth school threat in Middle Tennessee and Kentucky following the deadly school shooting in Marshall County last week.

Lebanon Special School District Director Scott Benson said the district is proud of the way its people handled the threat.

"We're always going to put safety first and foremost when we make decisions," Benson said. "We tell our teachers all the time we need to treat our students just like we would our own children to be treated."

The suspected student was found at their home. The identity of the juvenile will not be released due to their age. The sheriff's office is working with the District Attorney's Office for further prosecution.

"They'll continue their investigation," Hardy said. "They'll interview anyone that's involved. They will take that info and share it with District Attorney's office, and between the two agencies, they'll come to a conclusion as far as what charges are appropriate."

All classes for Lebanon Special School District students will resume Tuesday, February 6.Monday is an in-service day for teachers.

Lebanon Special School District Schools

  • Byars Dowdy Elementary
  • Coles Ferry Elementary
  • Sam Houston Elementary
  • Castle Heights Elementary
  • Walter J. Baird Middle School
  • Winfree Bryant Middle School

Although multiple rumors were going around, Wilson County Schools says there was never a threat to any of their schools and classes are in session.

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