Brawl involving 40 people at Nashville water park allegedly sparked over racial slurs

(Submitted to FOX 17 News)

It’s not how you’d imagine your typical family gathering but an all-out brawl between two families, one white and one black, broke out over the weekend at Wave Country.

“They tried to gang me so I just started trying to defend myself. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground kicked and punched,” Tyrone Holt said.

Holt’s hand and eye socket are broken. Doctors are implanting a metal plate in his face Monday afternoon.

All after Holt says white men yelled racial slurs at his family and beat them up.

“I wasn’t scared. I was just in pain. I wanted the police to press charges, but for some reason they didn’t,” said Holt.

They didn’t because police tell FOX 17 News there’s no clear way to identify who is the victim and who is the villain. The white family involved says they were the ones racially insulted and defended themselves.

“They had their kids throwing stuff at us calling us white trash this and that and all kind of craziness,” Jonathan Sellers said.

Both families agree, saying this all started when a man from the white family bumped into the floats of three black girls.

The girls accused him of yelling racial slurs and told their parents — something Sellers disagrees with.

Holt’s family says they approached the white men.

But this is where the family’s stories split.

“With us approaching them, that’s when all the aggression from them started and that’s when we were called the ‘N’ word,” Amanda Holt said.

“As soon as I got over there, I said 'what happened? What happened? Then I see fists start flying,” Sellars said.

Police say they had to separate 40 people involved in the fight and have interviewed several people. Meanwhile, both families also accuse Wave Country of not having security to keep the fight from starting.

Wave Country responded with the following statement:

“We are very concerned about the incident that took place at Wave Country on Saturday. The safety and well-being of our customers is our highest priority. While an internal investigation is underway, we will continue to provide access and recreational opportunities to everyone in Davidson County.”

Wave Country did not respond to FOX 17 News when asked if they have security on site.

Both families tell FOX 17 News they plan to file charges against the Wave Country, holding them partially liable for what happened.

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