19-year-old arrested for shooting at two Metro Nashville Police officers

Antonio Bender (Metro PD)

A 19 year old was arrested after Metro Nashville Police said he shot at two of their officers.

Antonio Bender, of Lake Chateau Drive in Hermitage, is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, unlawful gun possession and evading arrest after shooting at Officers Justin Chisholm and Jonathon Sheppard on Monday night.

Police said Chisholm and Sheppard were investigating reports of shots fired in the 100 block of Charles E. Davis Blvd after a gunshots were reported in the area. Officers didn't find a victim, but continued patrolling the area.

The officers then heard gunfire nearby at about midnight. Police said as the two officers rounded the corner of one of the apartment buildings, they saw two people walking in their direction. One person raised a laser-sighted pistol and fired a single shot. Officer Chisholm saw the muzzle flash, police said.

Police said because of potential risk to bystanders, the officers didn't return fire. The two people split up and fled.

Chisholm and Sheppard chased the gunman and caught him in an open field on University Court. Two guns were recovered.

Bender told a detective that he had mistaken the officers for people whom he had a dispute with earlier.

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