10-year-old Williamson County singer donates royalties to Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital

10 year old Ella Beckham donates royalties received from her song "Shine" to Vanderbilt's children's hospital. (WZTV)

A little Williamson County girl is showing us all what this season of giving is really all about. She's a singer songwriter and today she's giving her first royalty check away.

The hospital is the last place a child wants to be at Christmas and 10 year old Ella Beckham understands that saying, “I just want to give back to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and all the kids there.”

The pint sized singer songwriter gifted more than $3,700 of her own money to help sick children. It’s money she earned from her first single "Shine."

Beckham explains the message behind the song, “Shine is about letting your light shine and not being afraid to do whatever you love to do.” That’s exactly what her donation will do for kids here at the hospital.

Luke Gregory, the CEO of Monroe Carel Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt asks Ella Beckham, “So you love music? Are you okay if we use this in our music therapy program to help children?”

Trained musicians at Seacrest Studios inside Vanderbilt Children's Hospital use music every day to help sick children recover.

Gregory adds, “To have the passion of a young person say I want to be a part of saving lives is something that's very meaningful to me as a parent and as a CEO.”

The Oak Hill elementary student isn't stopping at Shine. She became one of the youngest singer-songwriters Wednesday to sign with BMI. Dad Rob Beckham says, “Her mom and I have tried to raise her to be selfless and to give back. The fact that Vanderbilt is the recipient of such a large amount, especially from a 10 year old, it's a really cool feeling.”

She's releasing her second song, "You're Gonna Win" next month. Ella Beckham explains what it’s about, “All my songs are positive, so it's about powering through tough times and standing up for your friends and yourself through hard times.”

You can find Beckham's uplifting and kid-friendly songs on I-Tunes.

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