Lauren Agee wrongful death lawsuit dropped, but family's search for truth far from over

PHOTO: Lauren Agee-Submitted

The family of Lauren Agee, a young woman who died during Wakefest 2015, is dropping a wrongful death lawsuit, but their fight for truth is far from over.

FOX 17 News has learned Sheri Smith dropped the wrongful death lawsuit so a true crime podcast regarding Lauren's case may continue.

A judge put a gag order on the civil lawsuit, meaning that Lauren's family would risk being thrown in jail if the podcast continued.

In the podcast, Nashville Private Investigator Sheila Wysocki gives listeners an inside look at the investigation of a 21-year-old Sumner County woman who died three years ago at Center Hill Lake.

Law enforcement decided it was an accidental death, concluding that Agee somehow fell from the cliff into the water, but Wysocki said she wants people to know the truth.

“Lauren did not fall off the cliff. The whole reason I decided to do podcasting was for investigative reasons in order to get people to hear what really happened,” said private detective Sheila Wysocki.

Although Lauren's story has received lots of attention, it's never been told in as much detail as in the podcast.

Without time constraints, listeners have plenty of time to take in the intricate details of the case.

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