FERRIER FILES: Lauren Agee case finds new life with podcast

Nashville private investigator Sheila Wysocki never quits on a case. Even now with the District Attorney and the DeKalb County Sheriff insisting the case connected to Lauren Agee's death is closed.

But for Wysocki, the investigation continues through a podcast. A launch party for a new true crime podcast called Without Warning: The Lauren Agee Case was recently held. Wysocki gives listeners an inside look at the investigation of a 21-year-old Sumner County woman who died three years ago at Center Hill Lake.

Law enforcement decided it was an accidental death, concluding that Agee somehow fell from the cliff into the water, but Wysocki said she wants people to know the truth.

“Lauren did not fall off the cliff. The whole reason I decided to do podcasting was for investigative reasons in order to get people to hear what really happened,” said private detective Sheila Wysocki.

Although Lauren's story has received lots of attention, it's never been told in as much detail as in the podcast. Without time constraints, listeners have plenty of time to take in the intricate details of the case.

DeKalb County Sheriff Patrick Ray and District Attorney Bryant Dunaway have refused to reopen the case. Wysocki tells FOX 17 News she wants Lauren's story to be told.

“If they had gone in and done a proper investigation and it came back Lauren had fallen off the cliff, the family could have lived with it. That's not the case," Wysocki said. "The fact they cover and cover and cover and make excuses is so awful. When does it become so embarrassing to them that they do the right thing instead of digging their heels in?”

Lauren's family is suing three people in a wrongful death lawsuit who were believed to be at Center Hill Lake when Agee died: Aaron Lilly, Christopher Stout and Brix Gambrell. A judge threw out their suit.

But as strange as it may sound, the podcast may be the most powerful tool in the investigation. Wysocki said new witnesses have come forward, and the family has felt support like never before.

The podcast has been ranked as high as No. 16 worldwide in the news and politics segment and still remains at the top 100.

“There seems to be a lot of other families and a lot of other moms that are starting to relate to our situation and the response has been overwhelming. I am blown away. I am beyond elated,” said Agee’s mom, Sherry Smith.

The podcast will have at least eight episodes, and the family hopes that the interaction between the podcast and listeners will lead to answers.

“We want somebody to come forward, somebody out there who knows the truth, that would help our case so much. Please come forward and help our family,” said Smith.

There are currently three episodes available of Without Warning: The Lauren Agee Case hosted by Sheila Wysocki.

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