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Meet the Nashville couple who inspires others with tales of resilience, kindness

Meet the Nashville couple that inspires others with tales of resilience, kindness (FOX 17 News)
Meet the Nashville couple that inspires others with tales of resilience, kindness (FOX 17 News)
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Katie Wells Price was born with one arm. She is 41 years old and she has learned to do just about anything with that one arm.

Of course, it wasn’t always that way.

“My very first swimming instructor told me I would never swim.”

“So the inspiration behind these books, as a child, I always had children making fun of me, strangers asking me, why do you have one arm? So I wanted to write books that would really address all of these questions, but also at the same time would help children with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities,” said Katie.

And so she wrote two books: One about growing up in Nashville, and another book about working in the White House.

She ended up working with veterans as an amputee counselor. Her work caught the eye of President George Bush – caught his heart too.

“So he took his glasses off, and then he gave me a pat on the shoulder and a kiss on the cheek and he whispered in my ear, ‘Keep up the good work,’” said Price.

Katie’s husband, Pat Price, is also an author. He suffers from spina bifida, a very difficult thing to overcome. But he has found his passion as a wheelchair racer and champion weightlifter and an author.

He and his dad, Scott Price, went to all 50 states, interviewing people about goodness.

“It makes you appreciate how nice people are,” Pat said. “How nice people can be if you especially talk about nice things to them.”

They brought nine questions for 100 ordinary people.

“And we asked people about good things like the best people they knew, the best decisions they made, best place in their state, best thing about their town. Goals they’d like to achieve,” he added.

And while the book is called “Looking for Goodwill,” the truth is you will find it in the couple’s living room. Two of the most positive, kind people you will ever meet, who just happened to find each other.

“They both have overcome the physical limitations that they have to confront each day,” Scott Price said. “And I just love their spirit, and that they seem to really encourage each other. That is what a marriage ought to be, that they lift each other up.”

You can find these wonderful books on They are books that literally reflect the souls of their authors.

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