FERRIER FILES: Young men looking for answers find them at Narrow Gate

Narrow Gate-PHOTO: FOX 17 News

Imagine an educational program that lasts only 8 months but promises to help you answer a paralyzing question: What is the meaning of your life?

That is the bold mission of the Narrow Gate Foundation. Two young men make ramen in a makeshift kitchen in rural Hickman county: A few hundred yards away, other young men learn the basics of word working, while others discover how a piece of metal can be artfully shaped.

In the main lodge, Bill Spencer teaches a lively bible study and miles away in Franklin, leather workers finish orders for handcrafted journals.

This is all part of the Narrow Gate foundation. Where young men immerse themselves in fellowship with other young men, in the word of God and in work. It's old-fashioned work where you make things with your own hands.

“Narrow Gate is not very complicated. There is a generation of young men who don't know how to find their voice, their vocation in society. Narrow Gate helps them do that. We do that by answering two questions: Who am I? And why am I here?” said Narrow Gate Executive founder Bill Spencer.

5 students are awarded full scholarships every 60 days. It is a simple life. 3 to 4 hours of bible study and good old-fashioned apprenticeships. While it would be easy to focus on the woodworking or the smith work, or the leathercraft, it is the penetrating bible study, self-examination and male mentoring that leads to dramatic change.

Some of Narrow Gate's purchasing clients include the Tennessee Titans, Chick-fil-A, Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, Batch Nashville, Ensworth High School and Chartwell Hospital.

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