FERRIER FILES: Tennessee couple's journey proves true love still exists

(FOX 17 News)

Rob Edwards makes the trip to West Meade place every day, even when the downtown cook works a double.

“No rain, snow sleet or shine, I'm always here," Edwards said. "I always will be here for her."

He makes the trip to see his true love, Shelina Smith, who now lives in a nursing home. Smith suffered a massive stroke four years ago.

She is now paralyzed on the left side of her body. She can no longer speak, but she can smile and no one makes her smile like her boyfriend Rob.

The couple has been together seven years, but no one expected them to stay together after the stroke.

Shelina's mom Desi Smith still can't believe it.

“It is the most incredible thing I have ever seen,” Desi Smith said. "The commitment is more powerful than anything I have ever seen. It is genuine, real. It is not dependent on what she gives him, some relationships are, ‘if you do for me I will do for you.’ This is pure.”

All of that kind of came to a point when 40-year-old Shelina, who can't talk or move but is still in there, was asked if she would like to get married.

“She nodded her yes and smiled,” Desi Smith said.

Rob said yes, and now the two will add a bow to an already sturdy knot.

“I have never been married before," Edwards said. "The biggest thing to do is say 'I do.' That's all I know; loyalty, sickness and in health, you are in that part already."

On Dec.30, all through volunteer and donated efforts, including flowers, a dress, cake and decorations, the two will marry.

Shelina tried to talk the entire interview with Fox 17 Reporter Dennis Ferrier. She so badly wanted to talk about Rob, but she couldn't do it so she asked for pen and paper.

She wanted to tell us something very important, or actually she just wanted to tell Rob something.

She wrote, “I love you.”

“People need to see that people are still in love and loving and committed and it gives hope," Desi Smith said. "It gives hope to me I’ve never seen anything like that. When the world says God is love, well, Rob is love. That is pure.”

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