FERRIER FILES: Rutherford County to surpass Hamilton County as 4th largest in Tennessee

(Fox 17 News)

Rutherford County, Tennessee is exploding with growth.

Across the county, there are new subdivisions, new businesses and orange cones for road construction.

The Furans have moved to Rutherford County from California to take teaching jobs.

“One neat thing, coming from California, there's a whole lot of jobs everywhere," Josh Furan said. "We're hiring first with all the building projects going up. I also like the culture. I like you can put In God We Trust on our license plate."

This kind of growth allows the county to do big things like a $74 million justice center.

But as always, there are downsides to growth.

“Ten thousand every year--we are adding a city the size of Smyrna," said Rob Mitchell, Rutherford County property assessor. "The question is where are we going to put them? How are we going to get them from point A to point B?"

That sure sounds familiar to people in Davidson County. Traffic and housing issues come with rapid growth. Rutherford County would be the growth story of the century if it didn't sit in Nashville's giant, growing shadow.

Rob Mitchell will tell you that four years ago Rutherford County had a median home price in of $179,000. That bargain has disappeared.

Mitchell said the median home price is $239,900 today. An average increase of $60,000 dollars in just four years, but still much more affordable than Nashville or Williamson County.

All leading to the improbable. Rutherford county will pass Chattanooga and Hamilton County to become the fourth biggest county in Tennessee sometime this summer.

"I would have never guessed it," Mitchell said. "Even ten years ago, it seemed unthinkable. It is a growth rate that is unmatched in any other community in Tennessee."

Mitchell said the tax rate will adjust with the new assessment so don’t expect to necessarily pay any more property tax.

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