FERRIER FILES: Old-fashioned Tennessee summer camp gives lessons to new generation

(Fox 17 News)

Camp NaCoMe is an old-fashioned summer camp with no cellphones, no internet and no video games.

It is a place where kids learn to be kids again.

“There's a detox component to it," said NaCoMe Camp Director Ryan Moore. "Just getting away and realizing a lot of things that call out our attention make noise aren't really important."

There are new twists in addition to the kind of thing you would expect, like archery, lake swimming, marching and singing, Dancing and chanting.

“We have a giant swing," Moore said. "We've got rock walls and ziplines and things that push you just outside your comfort zone. It's challenge by choice. If it was easy, you aren't going to grow. We want kids to stretch just a little bit past their comfort zone."

That is a an important part of this camp. Kids conquering their fear with the encouragement of other kids.

“Everything you do it makes you feel more confident that you can do it," Moore said. "If you don't think your friends will be like you can do it. Don't be scared just do it and that works."

“Things might be a little scary,” said camper Davis Boatman. “But everyone cheers you on, and then you just do it."

“We think if we take kids and conquer their fears and that's possible, then the next thing they encounter away from camp they might think this can be something they can overcome," Moore said. "This is not going to be something that stops me."

Let's face it, our kids don't get to do much of this anymore. You better not carry on like this in school. Push another kid into the lake, principal's office.

At this camp, you can see at all the conversations with no one looking at their phone, the TV or a video game.

How could these kids possibly be this happy.

“I honestly don't miss them at all,” laughed several boys. "This is so much better than sitting on the couch."

You can't expect a miracle in a week, but you can expect to build relationships in a week especially when the only distraction is each other.

Camp NaCoMe is a bargain as far as sleep-away camps go. It is $400 for a week including all meals. CLICK HERE for more information.

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