FERRIER FILES: Nashville woman survives terror attack

India terrorist attack

Rudrani Devi teaches meditation and practices holistic healing in her Nashville home and studio.

10 years ago, she was in India touring the country when she was having lunch with her companions in her five-star hotel restaurant in Mumbai, India.

“It was the loudest sound I have ever heard. Two high school, early college looking kids came in with AK-47 and started shooting,” said Devi.

Hiding under the table, Rudrani waited for them to finish what they were doing and leave, but they weren't going anywhere.

“At one point, I felt one of the terrorist standing on my pants and the casing was hitting my back and burning,” said Devi.

When they were done more than 50 people were dead. Devi was one of only four survivors in the restaurant.

"They did kill my friend next to me. His 14-year-old daughter and I played dead. Most of his face had blown off and was covering me. "I looked dead,” said Devi.

10 Pakistani terrorists had come to Mumbai on Thanksgiving Day 2008 to kill as many people as possible. They went to 5 locations and killed 164 people wounding more than 200 more.

Rudrama’s femur was shattered...her triceps pierced by another round and she lost 4 pints of blood.

It was back to America and a brutal two-year recovery.... two years to get out of the wheelchair.... but then near miracle. She ran a marathon.... the tenth of her life, but by far the most difficult.

“I thought I was going. Back to the door. Glass half full you can do this you will get to the other side of it.

Rudrani has kept that glass full since then.... she is a published author...her third book choosing happiness coming out early next year.

She is a certified holistic healer and after her near-death experience, she is singing again. It was something she had given up.

She is currently the third ranked funk and r and b singer in Nashville.

After nearly dying she is living like she has never lived before.

“I really know what’s important ...I know what's important now. And I love more deeply than I ever have."

In addition to her new book Devi has a new album coming out as is simply called "Ru"

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