FERRIER FILES: Nashville Symphony member betrayed by girlfriend with fake rejection letter

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Eric Abramovitz just knew it . He was four when he heard his first clarinet.

“For some reason when I saw the clarinet for the first time I knew I had to play it,” Abramovitz said.

Abramovitz has been playing ever since and playing beautifully. At 18 he auditioned for one of the world's finest clarinet teacher's, Yehuda Gilad. It was an audition with high stakes.

Coleman College accepts one clarinetist a year and that lucky musician gets room and board, and tuition is a free ride.

But after the audition Abramovitz got an email from Mr. Gilad that said thank you but you are not the one.

Abramovitz licked his wounds and then a year later asked to audition again for Mr. Gilad.

“When I got into his room. He said what are you doing here? You rejected me. I said. You rejected me. He said, You rejected me. I said, you rejected me. It was awkward,” said Abramovitz.

That awkward conversation stuck with Eric he wondered why did Mr. Gilad keep saying you rejected me.

Eventually he sent the rejection email he received from Mr. Gilad to Mr. Gilad.

“ I said is this your email. He said no. And that he had never seen that email in his life. And that he had never seen the exchange in his life. At that point I knew I had been had,” said Abramovitz.

What had happened was that Mr. Gilad had sent an email accepting Abramovitz. Eric says his girlfriend at the time destroyed the email and then wrote back to Mr. Gilad.

“Unfortunately I never saw this acceptance email, and since my girlfriend responded from my email account I never knew any of this.

Abramovitz said it was worse than being cheated on.

I guess the most disturbing part, the part that makes me most disgusted was she was there consoling me, she was the shoulder I was leaning on it was unthinkable,” said Abramovitz.

Abramovitz would have never found out but when he had the guts to go back and audition again for the man he that rejected him everything changed.

Abramovitz sued his ex-girlfriend and was awarded $260,000 by the courts better yet he ended up studying with Mr. Gilad who encouraged him to audition for the Nashville symphony

he has a new job, a new city and even a new girlfriend.

Abramovtiz comes from a musical family, his mother is a pianist his brother is a rapper who coincidentally released a new music app today called 4BAR.

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