FERRIER FILES: Middle Tennessee bride hit and killed by drunk uncle on her wedding day

(FOX 17 News)

Michelle Brooks loved rural Overton County, and she was all country.

"She was a tomboy for years," said Aline Davidson, Michelle's mom. "She could shoot guns, changed the oil in her car. She finally grew up, found someone she was crazy about and she said 'mama, I'm going to get married and give you a little black-haired girl.'”

So Michelle Brooks put on a beautiful hand-made dress and went up to Dale Hollow lake for a simple but lovely wedding. The only thing that went wrong was her Uncle JuneBug "showed up" drunk at the reception.

“He embarrassed her," Davidson said. "She loved him, but she didn't want him around when he was drunk. He eventually left."

Nevertheless, Michelle enjoyed her reception before heading to her honeymoon.

Unfortunately, the newlyweds never got out of Overton County. They were hit head on by a drunk-driver on highway 111. That drunk driver was her own uncle Carmon JuneBug Reagan.

“She lived four days on life support, and we had hopes to save her, but she had bled way too much and she died,” Davidson said.

Her mom still keeps the wedding dress her daughter changed out of right before the accident.

“She was really loved," Davidson said. "She was really loved...we worshiped her."

The memories are still this painful after 25 years, and the story never gets easier with so many victims.

"She had been married about four or five hours," Davidson said. "Her husband tried to commit suicide twice. He never married. He is still the son-in-law. He still comes to family events."

There would be no black-haired babies, and the joyful wedding pictures ended up being the last photos she ever took.

Her uncle was sentenced to six years in prison. From the day of the accident through sentencing, Aline Davidson never spoke to her brother. That changed when she got a call that he was dying of cancer and moved to Saint Thomas Hospital.

“I didn’t think I wanted to see him, but when I saw him in that bed he was praying as I walked," Davidson said. "I was glad I didn't let him die without me talking to him."

She said there was some healing before his death.

"Yes he broke my heart, but we made up before he died," Davidson said.

The two are now buried in the same Overton County cemetery.

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