FERRIER FILES: Two Fox 17 News photojournalists are also U.S. soldiers

(Fox 17 News)

Daniel Sullivan and David Graves have been gone for a long time. They have been far, far away.

The Fox17 news photographers have a whole different identity.

They are United States soldiers.

Staff Sgt. Sullivan and Sgt. Graves just got back from a year long deployment in Kuwait. It's their third deployment together

“We have been accused of having an intense bromance for many years because we constantly run around running our tails off, laughing, never fight. I have a twin and David and I are closer,” Sullivan said.

The two work for the Army 350th Public Affairs detachment, telling stories of our soldiers overseas, they even anchor a show together.

And after three tours together -- they think with one brain.

“We are eating in Iraq, someone goes 'I wonder what both the 'J' stands for in Michael J. Fox,' we both answer at the same time with the same mannerism. This happens constantly," Sullivan said.

But they do disagree on one very important point in this difficult dual career, dual life.

Daniel thinks it is much harder to deploy.

“You have a lot of things in your life you have to sacrifice in order to not have the stability to stay in one place, its hard to keep relationships down, its hard to keep jobs down, and its hard to get ready to go over there,” Sullivan said.

David says it has been much harder to come home.

“I had a daughter from a previous marriage, when I got home, I found out she is moving to Oklahoma," Graves said. "My fiance and I, well things fell apart while I was gone, so I don’t see my daughter. I am not getting married, and I am looking for a place to stay. At least it is a fresh start,” Graves said.

With one constant, they are coming home and walking back into their jobs at Fox 17 News. No changes. Same job. Same shift.

“They had our backs, there was no doubt in my mind when I was overseas that I had a job when I got back and that was huge weight off my shoulders,” Sullivan said.

Thank you for your service and welcome home!

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