FERRIER FILES: A warning for parents after Fentanyl-laced Xanax kills 20-year-old

(Fox 17 News)

It is a terrifying reality that common prescription drugs like Xanax are being manufactured illegally and sold containing possible fatal doses of fentanyl.

Now, a Nashville mom is telling her tragic, frightening story -- one that every parent should hear.

“Sometimes you need to know what you don't even know about.”

That is not a riddle. That is the nightmare bouncing around a mom's head.

She explains in what’s a hard story to listen to:

Josh, only 20, was a full-time quality auditor, part-time student, amateur photographer, bought stocks was learning real estate and a “Ted Talks” fanatic.

But for some reason, he wanted to try Xanax, his mom Rachal Blado thinks he was suffering from anxiety and sleeplessness.

He just wanted to take the edge off and so he took one pill in his Antioch bedroom.

“I am trying to wake him up, lift him and see his face, and I freak out, I don't even know, breathe walk turned around in a circle,” Blado said. “I didn't make up the three steps -- I just remember, he is screaming ‘I love you no, I love you’ finally he says ‘call 911.’”

Three of Josh's friends volunteered to come over to talk to police. They said that Josh had gone onto the dark web, which is a part of the internet you access through a different server, a place where you can buy illegal prescription drugs that are anonymous and untraceable.

All three immediately told police what they had bought.

“All three said Xanax calmly, they said it calmly like ‘Xanax,’” Blado said.

Xanax is a common prescription drug, used for anxiety, sleeplessness and depression.

But this Xanax bought on the darknet at a site called “Alphabay,” contained deadly fentanyl.

Deadly fentanyl is now being used in fake prescription pills, illegal drugs and even marijuana.

“There is no words as a dad, father you want to protect, you want to try and make it right,” Michael Blado said. “You can't, you can't go back you just move forward and always have those regrets.”

Rachel Blado is telling Josh's story in a very painful but important way. She shows the clothes he died in, a lock of hair, his items returned by police and the coroner bagged as evidence.

She wants parents and kids to understand the cold finality of it all.

“He was just someone who pushed himself all the time and unfortunately he miscalculated, he thought what was he getting was exactly what he ordered but what should have never killed him at all,” Rachel Blado said. “The last thing I tell them is ‘one pill can kill,’”

As stated above, sometimes the problem for all of us is sometimes we don't know what we need to know, that's why Rachel and other families are participating in a seminar called “Breaking the Silence: Youth Drug Abuse.”

The event is February 25 and organizers hope it will help save lives. CLICK HERE to learn more about the seminar.

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